Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Water Wars in Montrose

Scientists and environmental activists have been warning that the next wars could be about water. Mostly they're projecting a future where, due to climate change and human activity, clean water could be hard to come by. Clean drinking water is already a treasured commodity in some parts of the world, but here in the northeast we have plenty of water - enough to share even.

Unless you live in Montrose, PA. Seems that a generous soul has taken it upon himself to put in a water hydrant and pay the local water utility for the water he uses. If he were irrigating corn or filling a swimming pool for the neighbor kids to splash around in, this would probably not be an issue.

But the fact that he is filling a water tank and hauling water to Dimock has irritated his neighbors. And the town board. Because, apparently, what you do with your own land is your own business - unless you are offering aid to "those people" in Dimock. His neighbors are referring to him as a "water pirate" and the Dimock folks with no water as "thugs". Which makes one wonder: what would his neighbors do if he drilled a gas well and contaminated their water? Read more here. The emails from the town board are even more interesting, offering rare insight into how elected officials truly feel about those they serve - and the whole concept of "open meeting".


  1. There have been many sobering books written about the imminent global water crisis, but this simple post brings it home. tx

  2. Various people in Montrose are working hard to make that municipality a pariah state. I don't think they are aware of how many people in the region are paying attention. Something like a year ago, I did e-mail the owner of a local inn after she rhapsodized about the victory of "Enough Already," to inform her that I, and probably others, would not be staying at her establishment. At this point, you couldn't pay me to visit that town, though I do feel bad for the decent souls there...

    "Water pirates" are people like the Nestle Corporation, who steal whole towns' water, pay them nothing and sell it as bottled.

    Jim H.