Thursday, February 25, 2010

Schreiner Oil & Gas Ordered to Restore Water at two Homes (PA)

Pennsylvania DEP's scribes are having a busy day today. After sending out a notice about plugging an abandoned well in  Moon township, this afternoon they zip out another note - this one about Schreiner Gas & Oil. Seems that drilling activities by Schreiner affected water supplies at two homes in Bradford Township, McKean County.
DEP had previously determined Schreiner was liable for affecting the water supplies of homes in the Hedgehog Lane area of town. Schreiner restored water supplies at seven homes, but had not resolved the problem at two other residences. According to DEP Regional Director Kelly Burch, Schreiner had installed treatment systems at these two homes but those are only a partial solution. The original DEP order calls for Schreiner to rectify the situation completely.

The DEP press release notes that Schreiner has been actively drilling combination oil and gas wells in Bradford Township since 2008. Because they did not establish background water quality in the area prior to drilling, now Schreiner must demonstrate that the contaminants in the affected water supplies do not exceed the maximum contaminant levels established under the Pennsylvania Safe Drinking Water Act.

Water testing by DEP identified a number of contaminants including: total dissolved solids, chlorides, manganese, iron, dissolved methane and ethane gas. Now Schreiner has10 days to submit a permanent water supply restoration plan for the two remaining residences to the DEP. After DEP approves the plan, Schreiner has 30 days to implement and complete it. Schreiner must also continue to maintain the other seven water supplies and must "improve cement casing at three of its drilled oil/gas wells to prevent groundwater contamination."

Under the DEP order, Schreiner is to apply within 60 days to have any of its 15 abandoned wells placed in inactive status or to plug the abandoned wells fully. Until the gas migration issue is resolved fully, Schreiner cannot drill any new wells.

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