Sunday, February 20, 2011

GOP Candidates in Bradford County say "Slow Down the Drilling"

Increased trucks in motel parking lots may look like a boon to local economists, but according to Jim Loewenstein at the Daily Review, candidates running for Bradford County Commissioner want to see the pace of drilling slow down. At a recent TEA party meeting John Morningstar, coordinator of the TEA party group, said that drilling was out of control. Putting the brakes on the number of permits issues would allow the county more time to assess what damage is being done to groundwater by drilling.

Two candidates for county commissioner, both running on the Republican ticket, agreed that regulating the number of drilling permits could be beneficial. Don Fitzwater, who has worked as an assistant highway manager for the state DOT, would like to see permits limiting oversized loads on the highways.

Doug McLinko, who is running for re-election, agreed that drilling traffic is much heavier than the county ever expected it to be. Traffic is so bad on Route 6 that firefighters in Wysox Township can’t respond quickly, he said.

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