Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Will DEC beat the Clock? SGEIS due Friday...

According to Casey Seiler, who collects breaking news for the Times Union's "Capitol Confidential", the much anticipated SGEIS (Supplemental Generic Environmental Impact Statement) on high-volume hydro-fracking should be out this Friday. Here's a short video of DEC Commissioner Joe Martens saying the agency is scurrying to finish it up and hopes to meet Cuomo's July 1 deadline - or at least shortly thereafter.

And, yes, there will definitely be an opportunity for public comment. But will it be 30 days or longer? Some legislators and town boards have already sent resolutions to the State asking for 90 days. The draft SGEIS ran close to 800 pages. If the completed document is anywhere near that long  - that means reading 25 -30 pages every day for the month of July, leaving little time to grill burgers and ooh and aah over the fireworks.

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  1. What? No celebrating on the Fourth? This brings new meaning to summer reading!

    Carol from French Azilum/Rochester