Thursday, January 5, 2012

Cuomo talks about Everything EXCEPT Gas

NY Governor Andrew Cuomo left out some of his remarks prepared for yesterday's State of the State address. In particular - about 125 words of prepared text about gas drilling and fracking.

In the State of the State comments presented to members of the NY State Legislature, Cuomo included the following comments (on page 15):

Hydraulic Fracturing in the Southern Tier

In 2011, the Department of Environmental Conservation(“DEC”) conducted a comprehensive review of the impact of proposed gas drilling using high-volume hydraulic fracturing.DEC presented for comment significantly improved measures to protect the state’s drinking water, air, land, and other natural resources, and completed a study of potential socioeconomic impacts. DEC released the revised draft Supplemental Generic Environmental Impact Statement and comprehensive regulations governing all aspects of high volume hydraulic fracturing. DEC also held four public hearings around the state, attended by a total of 6,000 people. The Department received more than 15,000 comments.DEC is reviewing all the comments and expects the final environmental impact study and the advisory panel’s recommendations to be released in 2012, before any decisions are made on how to proceed.
 But go to his "official" State of the State press release and they're missing. Which leaves people on both sides of the issue wondering why such an important issue was left out of a major address.

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  1. And now China is going to start fracking in the USA with help from Chesapeake Gas.Can hardly wait for that!