Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Pennsylvania Farmers Support Drilling Moratorium

Yesterday the Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture (PASA) published a strong statement in favor of a state-wide moratorium on unconventional gas drilling. Such drilling, they say, affects local farmers, their farms, the food they produce and the people who eat it.

PASA urged PA Governor Tom Corbett and the state legislature to enact a moratorium on shale gas drilling “until it is determined that this practice will not impair the ability of farms to profitably produce healthy food while respecting Pennsylvania’s air quality, water resources and the natural environment.”

PASA calls for studies to assess the impacts of drilling on the integrity, health and long-term sustainability of the food supply. PASA supports baseline testing of water and soil, as well as animal welfare, prior to and after extraction. They also suggest that drilling companies post a bond that would be held in escrow to cover environmental clean-up costs. Read the entire statement here.


  1. Southern Tier farmers this couldn't be more timely. These are the voices of people that know the truths about hydrofracking. The New York Times says you are next.