Monday, April 18, 2016

Public Forum on FERC this coming Thursday

If you've been paying attention to news on various pipeline projects in the region, then you've heard about cutting sugar maples for a pipeline that may or may not ever happen, and the eminent domain fights happening in PA and other states. Or you've heard about the Keystone pipeline leaking, and others blowing up.
What does this have to do with FERC? The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission has a role to play in deciding who has rights to put in pipelines and where - and therefore, who really has a "right" to the land in question. 

Learn more about FERC and land rights at a forum later this week in Elmira:
“Are You Being FERCed?,” sponsored by People for Healthy Environment,  Food and Water Watch, We Are Seneca Lake and the Finger Lakes Sierra Club, is a public forum set for April 21 to discuss land rights and the role of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission in deciding who has rights to the land.
The forum will be held at 6 p.m. Trinity Episcopal Church, 304 N. Main Street, Elmira.
Topics for discussion will include riparian rights, eminent domain, the expansion of gas industry infrastructure, and FERC.
A discussion will follow with panelists Rachel Treichler, Yvonne Taylor, Joseph Campbell, and Keith Schue. Refreshments will be served.

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