Friday, September 30, 2011

Citizen Journalists Document Brine Spreading on PA Roads


Citizen journalists from Lancaster, Pa traveled to northern PA to have their own look at gas rigs, well pads, storage facilities, and transport trucks in action. They stopped in Dimock to talk with some of the landowners affected by drilling and subsequent contamination of their drinking wells. 

The video, a labor of love rather than a professional endeavor, was uploaded to You tube just a couple days ago. It raises some intriguing questions, such as: 
  • what are the trucks spraying on PA roads?
  • why do company representatives give different answers?
  • how come brine tanks aren't surrounded by barriers like the companies say they are supposed to be?

It's pretty clear that, regardless of rules, regulations or industry promises, the agencies responsible for regulating the gas industry needs more "boots on the ground". These industry reps. didn't seem to know what was going on at their own well pads....


  1. They spread frack brine in our township, got their hands slapped with a small fine, how will that ease the minds of the mothers whose barefooted children walked the country roads.

  2. Was this "spill" reported to Department of Homeland Security, EPA, etc?

    1. hopefully the folks who took the video reported this.