Friday, December 7, 2012

Video Field Trip to Well at night

Intrepid video-journalist Vera Scroggins headed out with her camera to record what it sounds like when a well is drilled close to a road. The well she photographed is on Bush Road, in Bridgewater Township, just down the road apiece from Montrose (Susquehanna County, PA). The operator is Carrizo, the very same outfit that started exploratory drilling in Owego, NY (Tioga County).

Now, the NY Dept. of Environmental Conservation (DEC) has put out some new regulations for high volume horizontal hydraulic fracturing - but the new rules do not upgrade or replace the old rules.
The new regs. specify that there will be no drilling:
  • within 500 feet of a residential water well, domestic supply spring or water well or spring used to supply water for livestock or crops;
  • within 500 feet of an inhabited dwelling or place of assembly;
  • within a primary aquifer and a 500-foot buffer from the boundary of a primary aquifer;
  • within a 100-year floodplain;
  • and within 2,000 feet of any public water supply including reservoir, natural lake or mane-made impoundment (except those constructed for fresh water storage associated with fracking).
The new regulations don't address distance from roads (they remain 75 feet) nor do they address setbacks from barns, fields or pastures.

So if you live near a well, this is what you'll likely hear all day and all night for at least a few weeks.


  1. intense and disturbing. how anyone could allow such monstrosities in our rural neighborhoods?

  2. This is a compelling video. Pictures and sound are worth a thousand words.

  3. Know that feeling, and the trucks are loud. We had 10 sitting in front of our house waiting their turn at the well.It was late at night.

  4. Listening to that sound in the little video is pretty bad. That rig is loud and it isn't at all pleasent. Those companies need to get on their horses and get out of state. We don't need to have people dealing with that noise all day and all night. I"ll take the wind turbines over those and the bigger those turbines are the better. This is something that is unacccable and we're not the ones who need that here. That woman was outraged at that and I don't blame her. People need remewable energy, NOT HYDRO FRACKING. Jane Davison