Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Gas Pipeline explodes in Texas

Crews drilling for natural gas in Marcellus Shale aren't the only ones having difficulties this week. A utility company accidentally hit a large natural gas line near Cleburne, Texas on Monday. The pressurized gas erupted, sending a column of fire into the air and killing one worker.  The blast was so severe that the closest resident said. The force of the blast was so strong, it blew an auger that weighs roughly one ton nearly a football field away. You can read the news report here.


  1. This was our dinner conversation last night. Not watching nightly news, is a connection being made that things ought to be considered, and that gas isn't all that industry is trying to make it out to be? With the leaks, spills and now blow outs, the industry seems to be effectively deflecting this bad publicity. And the people aren't up in arms about it and thus government does nothing. What's going on???

  2. TXSharon at Bluedaze has a nice idea - take the opportunity at the next public meeting to ask what the blast radius is of the well/pipeline/facility nearest you. If they haven't calculated it, then how can they know how to shape their emergency response planning? If they have calculated it, don't you have the right to know?