Monday, June 28, 2010

Riverkeeper Talks Fracking with the Big Apple

Riverkeeper is one of the premier organizations dedicated to keeping New York's water clean. Their mission: to protect the ecological integrity of the Hudson River and its tributaries, and to safeguard the drinking water supply of New York City and the lower Hudson Valley. They started about 40 years ago, but under a different guise - the Hudson River Fisherman's Association.

Now they've got a "Don't Frack with NY" campaign going, to educate residents of the Big Apple about where their water comes from and how to protect it. You might have heard something on NPR about tap water taste tests in NYC.... and the campaign to get people to stop buying bottled water and carry a re-fillable water bottle for tap water. A sort of "drink local" campaign designed to reduce plastic bottle waste.

Great idea. But, as the Riverkeepers say, you can't "drink local" if you pollute the source. You can check out their site at Don't Frack with NY!

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