Friday, December 16, 2011

What Fracking Sounds Like

One of the things that residents in NY have been asking their towns to do before Marcellus drilling takes off is develop some noise and light ordinances. In fact, Tioga Investigates Natural Gas (TING), an advisory group in Tioga County, NY includes information on developing such ordinances in their resource binder (along with road agreements and lots of other useful stuff).

If you have never seen - or heard or smelled - fracking, here's a video of  a fracking operation by Williams Gas Company at the Hollenbeck well site on Franklin Forks Rd., Franklin Forks, PA in Susquehanna County. The video was recorded on December 15 - just yesterday - at 6:30 pm. The active drilling site is across the road from a home; pay attention to the truck traffic.

Much thanks to Vera Scroggins, Citizens for Clean Water (Susquehanna County, PA)for the video.
If for some reason the video below doesn't work, here's the link:


  1. the whole process is noisy-- drilling, fracking, flaring, truck traffic-- all noisy and smelly-- industrial fumes-- lights-- even a completed site that is producing gas emits noise-- and smells-- less noise than fracking-- but still there-- and the compressor stations are noisy, smelly-- invasive, the whole lot of them--it's an ugly, intrusive business-- not something you want next door, in your neighborhood, near your schools, on your road. I know this--because I live in the county where all this is happening the past 3 1/2 years. And I made this video.

  2. Sue- thank you for reporting on this. The video speaks for itself. This is an horrific sight!

    Peacegranny aka Carol

    PS I think your blog is one of the very best!

  3. All that diesel! All those trucks, all those generators, all those compressors, all to FRACK. 1000 Trucks in and out. We are trading the CONSUMPTION of one fossil fuel to extract another. Some wells are utter busts and some generate gas. This is an insane process.

  4. What happens when you frack a 300 million year old 13.5 mile diameter asteroid impact crater? That just happens to be at the location of the 5.6 Earthquake in Oklahoma? Crater Approx center 35.557N, -96.871W
    Why aren't there any big impact structures in the continental US? They are too valuable to make public.
    Or is it the USGS that helped hide the Jeanne d'Arc Impact Crater Approx. 101 miles in diameter 35.250N,-100.800 It is mostly in Texas and I know how much the Texans love France.

    The best evidence is their own industry maps.
    Jeanne d'Arc Crater also shows up as an empty semi circular space on the western part of map GM-36.
    Download the Map GM-36 MAP GM36 Link is about half way down the page.

    Download Granite Wash Play Texas And Oklahoma
    Texas Data : like The Granite Wash Map Showing Jeanne d'Arc Crater outlined by oil and gas wells.

    A circular surface feature that show up thousands of feet underground. Duh, it's an impact crater!

    What is the lifespan of man-made concrete in a subsurface environment? Concrete shrinks and pipes rust. What is the distance between high pressure salt strata and fresh water aquifers? How much time does that give us?

    There have been 480,000 wells dug in Oklahoma's 70,000 square miles. The price for Oklahoma's Corruption: Many parts of the state will probably become uninhabitable within the next few centuries. If the salt water and toxins reach the surface, it will kill nearly all plant life. Even if global warming doesn't reduce the rainfall in Oklahoma, without plants, many parts of Oklahoma will turn into sand dunes and wind scoured rock.

    Money backs fracking, science doesn't.

  5. Sue,
    Great video! It's nice to see what it sounds like while they place the well. Are you a land owner in Susquehanna County? You mention "the house across the road" several times in the video. Without a signed lease, these operations cannot happen. I wonder if the home owner across the road is the land owner. Thanks for the video.

  6. Yes- the video IS great - I really appreciate Vera who has been out in the field with her camera documenting every aspect of drilling around her.

  7. I don't want that in my back yard !!!!

  8. Wow...look at all the hard working Americans out there earning a living supporting their families and keeping this country warm all winter long....great video

  9. Vera, how long does the fracking last - Can you do a video of a completed site?

  10. And your point would be...? Anyway, if they really are going to come back and put in another well and another and then re-frack some, when is "finished"? Maybe a dozen years from now?

  11. Just scary and doesn't anyone have a right to say they don't want it in their town?

  12. I alays wonder after all this and drilling mining ect when you take stuff out and move stuff around what happens?

  13. do you have a to date video of this site i understand that this is just like any construction site for a short period, than they are out of there, similar to building a building,so if you have or could you get a updated video that would be great.

  14. They just started fracking an 8 pad well site in my town. Its about 1000 ft from the middle and elementary school. This is exactly what it sounds like. Its hard to concentrate in my home with it going on. I thought I was living in a quiet rural town, but not anymore.