Saturday, March 9, 2013

Reuse Fracking Wastewater to Irrigate Crops?

This past Thursday, Commissioner Vik Rao - a member of North Carolina's Mining and Energy Commission, proposed that fracking wastewater could be used to irrigate crops. Of course, he is the former chief tech officer of Halliburton, and he did mention something about sending the fracking waste through a treatment plant it could be useable. Barring irrigation, he posited that, perhaps, the saline fluid could be used to water sheep.

Using fields where we grow food as toxic - or "just" industrial - waste dumps just doesn't seem like a good idea. And it hasn't worked out in other places where waste has been land-farmed due to lack of regulatory oversight and the temptation to just dump stuff without ensuring that it has been cleaned up to proper levels. 

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