Saturday, June 8, 2013

Assumption Parish Sinkhole Eats Levee for Lunch

Assumption Parish Sinkhole as of June 4, 2013

The sinkhole in Assumption Parish, LA has grown to a bit more than 15 acres now, and continues to cause trouble. Sometime between Monday night and Tuesday, the sinkhole swallowed a 400-500 foot section of the emergency containment levee put in place by the Texas Brine Co. This follows a week of tremors. According to news reports, the levee is still intact - it's just under four feet of water.

This is the second time in nearly a month that subsidence has resulted in the containment levee being breached. The levee was designed to have a 20-year lifespan, but as residents pointed out to local reporters, so far it's lasted a few weeks at tops.

Meanwhile, residents affected by the ever-growing sinkhole are still waiting for buy-outs from Texas Brine.

You can watch a video taken during a state police flyover on June 4 here.

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