Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Things are Booming in Louisiana These Days

When they're not dealing with sinkholes, Louisiana residents are avoiding explosions. Early this morning residents in Washington Parish, LA - abut 80 miles from New Orleans - woke up to an explosion. An 80-foot section of  the Florida Gas Transmission pipeline (a 30-inch pipe) ruptured, leaving a huge crater and clay-baked earth. When it's not busted, the pipeline carries 3.1 billion cubic feet of gas from Texas to south Florida.

The explosion happened in a rural area, and affected only one residence that was about 700 feet from the blast. The heat was so intense that it melted the siding off the pre-fab home.

This is the third explosion in a week for Louisiana. Last Thursday there was an explosion at a chemical plant in Geismar that left two dead and about 100 injured. The following day there was another explosion at another chemical plant, this one in Donaldsonville, that left one dead and eight injured.

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