Saturday, August 27, 2011

NY Hydrofracking Rules Scheduled for Release Wed. Aug 31

Time to sharpen your pencils and get your thinking caps on. According to press reports the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation will finally release the SGEIS (Supplemental Generic Environmental Impact Statement) for high-volume horizontal hydraulic fracturing on Wednesday, the very last day of August. That 1,000+ page document should include all the sections that were labeled "to come" in the previously released (July 8) version. It should include socio-economic data but also some environmental information that was lacking from last month's draft.

Wednesday will also be the day residents learn exactly how long the comment period will be and whether the DEC will hold any public hearings. According to press reports, Governor Cuomo thinks 60 days is plenty long to read and respond to a 1100 or so page document.

Check DEC's website for the latest info, postings or versions of the SGEIS.

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