Thursday, August 4, 2011

Signs of the Times

Rt. 29 South Montrose, PA
On January 1, 2009 an 8-foot cement slab near Norma Fiorento's house in Dimock, PA was blown into the air. the reason: gas migrating from nearby gas wells that were being drilled.

That was 31 months ago and the people of Dimock are still waiting for their water to be fixed. At  one point the PA Dept. of Environmental Protection ordered Cabot - the company responsible for the accident - to construct a pipeline to bring water to the 14 homes that had lost their well water. The $12 million price tag shocked Cabot into making a counter offer: to pay people lots of money and install some kind of home filtration device - a strategy that had already failed in some homes.

So yesterday a group of Dimock residents, frustrated with Cabot's lack of response, installed a billboard on Route 29 in South Montrose. The reason: if you break something, you fix it. Especially, as one person said, if it says in the lease that you'll restore the water.

Apparently "restoring" water is not possible. But even if it was - according to George Stark, a Cabot spokesman, their water isn't contaminated. The billboard is a lie, he told the people - this was caught on tape by a local reporter for WBGN. He also offered to drink the water coming out of their tap - but residents later said he never did.

So, the people got together and created a sign to display so that people will not forget them. It stood for 24 hours. As of today, they say, the billboard is coming down.

Why? Because the good folks who own  PJ's Restaurant and Bar, who rent the space to the sign company, don't like the sign. They fear it will offend their gas-drilling cash-paying customers.
Rt 220, Bradford County, PA
 If they had a billboard like this one, it would probably be OK.


  1. what a sad state of affairs. Between the gas co and the tea party their lives are ruined.

  2. Keep up the good fight. You are an example and a reminder of what can happen,what needs to be stopped,etc.
    Martin Horwitz
    New Paltz,New York

  3. Sorry to hear this folks - grown men who lie - the evidence is clear so why not just listen and clean it up - thats what we ask our children to do. This evasion is starting to happen in Sydney, Australia. I recently went to a community meeting where a gas drilling company said to the meeting that their mining and frakking was safe, even tho it was in an urban area. Despite a recent explosion and jets of gas, water and unknown ? detergents exploding into the sky for hours. A greedy contagion spreading across the world.